Sociologist Nicole Curato wins Virginia A. Miralao Excellence in Research Award for 2020

Sociologist Nicole Curato wins Virginia A. Miralao Excellence in Research Award for 2020

The Philippine Sociological Society congratulates Dr Nicole Curato for winning the prestigious Virginia A. Miralao Excellence in Research Award (VAMERA) for 2020. The Philippine Social Science Council recognized Dr Curato for her book ‘Democracy in a Time of Misery: From Spectacular Tragedy to Deliberative Action’, published in Oxford University Press.

As humankind incessantly grapples with the repercussions of natural and social disasters, Nicole Curato’s book is a profound and remarkable contribution to understanding people’s misery enlivening democratic action. Her work is exemplary in disaster- and conflict- affected communities providing strong theoretical insights and methodological reflections. Drawing from deliberative democratic action and normative media studies, the book unpacks the varying modes of how political agents articulate, enact, and contest their spectacular tragedies to deliberative action. Curato displays academic integrity ensuring her claims are anchored on empirical evidences through extensive fieldwork and observance of research ethics.

Dr. Curato also bears witness to other’s sufferings and connects to the vulnerabilities and risks of the people by going back to some research areas and assisting them in modest ways akin to her response to some emerging needs of the internally displaced Bajau and Meranaw women and children in Mindanao. Her works inspire many young emerging scholars in sociology, history and humanities, media/communications, and other related fields in the social sciences.

The awarding ceremony is supposedly done during the PSSC general membership meeting last 14 March 2020 but it had to be delayed due to the Covid19 crisis situation.

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