Blogging sociology

Blogging sociology

Engaging broader publics is one of the challenges sociologists face in contemporary times. One way of making the study of social life appealing to non-academic audiences is through online media, such as blogging. PSS, in particular, has given this website a makeover and shifted to a blog-type format to capture the dynamic character of sociological research in the Philippines.

Verstehen is one example of “a publication that seeks to bring the engaging insights of the social sciences, particularly sociology and anthropology, to the broader public.” As the website’s editor-in-chief, Andie Soco (Ateneo de Manila University) puts it, the publication “was conceptualized primarily to spur interest in sociology and anthropology among students, so it takes a more down to earth approach.”  Many of the articles published in this website are used to supplement discussions in introductory sociology and anthropology classes. At the moment, articles are written by Ateneo students and faculty, but the editorial board is also accepting submissions from students abroad.

Among the articles published include a pieces on Tony Meloto and the culture of poverty, why people like Christian Grey and the coming out Charice Pempengco.

Visit Verstehen by clicking on this link.

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