Socio-caravan Online: Rethinking The Filipino Youth

Socio-caravan Online: Rethinking The Filipino Youth

Socio Caravan


Philippine Sociological Society conducted its very first Socio-Caravan of the year tackling the narratives, misconceptions, and stereotypes against the Filipino youth, specifically those tagged as “Millennials” last January 29 at 6 pm via Zoom and Facebook live. The event featured the book launching of “Rethinking Filipino Millennials:Alternative Perspectives on a Misunderstood Generation.” The discussion was moderated by Ash Presto from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

The talking points of the event were opened by Jayeel Cornelio of Ateneo de Manila University as the editor of the book. Whereas, contributors Bryan Lee D. Celeste of Central Mindanao University, Rosa Cordillera Castillo of Humboldt University Berlin, Samuel Piamonte of Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, Septrin Calamba of MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, and Gideon Lasco of the University of the Philippines Diliman further substantiated the discourse as they talk about their respective chapters in the book.

In general, the caravan speakers debunked the notion of “Millennials” as imported to the Philippine society. They argued the general category applied upon the Filipino youth neglects a myriad of narratives and experiences resulting in harmful implications, especially to those navigating through societal inequalities. Jayeel Cornelio encapsulates the main point best in saying the term “conceals rather than reveals” about the youth.

The book “Rethinking Filipino Millennials” is published by UST Publishing House and is available at online shopping websites.

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