Traditional Thinking in a Modern Society: Randy David’s lecture at MSU-GenSan

Traditional Thinking in a Modern Society: Randy David’s lecture at MSU-GenSan

During the first regional book launch of Understanding Philippine Society, Culture, and Politics by Prof. Randolf S. David at MSU – GenSan last February 21, 2017, he also delivered a lecture on Making Sense of Issues: Philippines’ Transition to Modern Society.

David, a Professor Emeritus at the University of the Philippines Diliman, discussed about President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, federalism, and the never ending corruption in the Philippine government.

Although we live in a modern society, David reiterated that our thinking and way of doing things are still very traditional. He compared Duterte’s war on drugs to the practices of the Sultanate’s and kings in the old times, where a leader, without undergoing any process, decides who to kill. On the discussion about federalism, David emphasized that such idea will only divide the country, thus, recommended that one should understand functional differentiation and be not dazzled with the idea that the country’s wealth will be evenly distributed. Moreover, about the corruption present in the country, it never ends because the politicians per se, value their respective families than that of the people whom they should serve. Rather than valuing the publics’ interests and being devoted to the country, personal interest and family loyalty are always given priority.

The students, as the hope of this nation, are reminded to awaken the spirit of patriotism and nationalism that has long been sleeping inside of them. The forum did not only made sense of issues our country is facing but appealed a call to the millennials to take part in making the Philippines a country it ought to be. As David said, “There is no great President who can lift the whole country by himself, we should help or we will become cynical.”

This piece is drafted by Jenena T. Solmayor, a third year sociology student of Mindanao State University – General Santos City.


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