Research In Community Engagements Grant (RICE Grant)

The GC RICE GRANT honors the legacy of Dr. Gelia Tagumpay-Castillo, National Scientist on Rural Sociology and a former President of the Philippine Sociological Society (PSS). Her family entrusted to the PSS a working fund of Php 130,000.00 to start a grant program that provides support to faculty, students,and/or practitioners in the field of Sociology and related social sciences who are engaged in any form of research on communities and engagements benefiting marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

The GRANT takes the symbolic metaphor of RICE as a fitting tribute to Dr. Castillo’s excellent academic life-work in the field of rice research and community studies in the country. To give context, RICE stands for Research In Community Engagements, to further enhance and encourage research of any form in the field of community and engagement studies. In order to provide more assistance in the future, the GC RICE GRANT continues to generate support to draw in more funds.


Grant Types

Eligible applicants may apply for any of the following types of grant:

1. RICE Travel. This support in the amount of Php 5,000.00 is allocated to those seeking travel assistance to present RICE-related paper to the annual PSS conference. The abstract of the applicant has already been officially accepted for presentation during the PSS conference.

2. RICE Study. This is a one-time research grant to support any student, faculty and/or practitioner whose study focuses on matters and issues directly aligned to RICE in the amount of Php 20,000.00.

3. RICE Project. This is a one-time funding to support any RICE engagement project where beneficiaries are the communities who are also research participants in the amount of Php 15,000.00.


Grant Allocation and Cost

Every year, the PSS will allocate available funds to any grant types of RICE that may be deemed deserving of support.



To be eligible, applicants must:

1. Be a student, faculty, and/or practitioner in the field of Sociology and related social sciences
2. Be a PSS member of good standing (i.e., is fully paid membership dues; actively supports and
participates in PSS activities) and who has attended the annual conference for the past three years
prior to application for the PSS RICE Grants.
3. Be nominated by the directors, dean, and/or any administrator of applicant’s institutional affiliation
4. Be committed to work in the Philippines and contribute to efforts to help uplift the lives of the Filipino
5. Be committed to the ethical practice of sociology (and the other social sciences) as a student,
practitioner, researcher, teacher, advocate.


Guidelines and Procedures

The following guidelines and procedures have to be observed by the applicants and those who
successfully availed of the RICE Grant:

1. Only one of the three available grants may be availed of by an applicant in the same year in order to distribute its availability to other PSS members.

2. The eligible applicant must fill-up and submit the required application form with supporting
documents to the PSS for evaluation (see attached APPLICATION FORM).
3. The applicant has to wait for the approval of the application by the RICE Grant committee of PSS before undertaking the proposed activity.

4. Successful applicants should only use the fund grant according to the specific type of approved grant (either for conference travel, or for research or for community engagement).

5. The grantee has to submit a report to PSS after the completion of the proposed activity with
supporting documents such as certificate of appreciation for paper presentation, manuscript for
publication or certificate of community engagement from collaborating institutions.

6. The grantee has to pay back PSS the entire amount released in case of failure to complete the proposed activity within a given period as stated in the application form.

7. Email the accomplished application form with the required attachment to:

The Chairperson
RICE Grant Committee

8. Deadline for submission of the application is every first Monday of September.

Link to the Guidelines
Link to the Application Form


Recipients of the Grant

During the 2018 PSS Conference at Siquijor State College, the RICE committee awarded the first Gelia T. Castillo Research in Community Engagements (RICE) Grant Award to Veronica L. Gregorio, PhD in Sociology graduate student of the National University of Singapore. She received Php 20,000.00 field research support to her study entitled, Contemporary gender ideologies and intra-household relationships of farming families in Malaysia and Philippines.

Meanwhile, the second recipients of the RICE Grant were Senior High School students from all over the Philippines. Their registration fee for the 2020 PSS National conference was waived so they were able to join and participate in the activities held during the virtual conference