Explaining Mamasapano: Sociology of Shadow Economies

Explaining Mamasapano: Sociology of Shadow Economies

UP Diliman’s Department of Sociology and College of Social Sciences and Philosophy hosted a forum entitled “The Sociology of Shadow Economies: The Hidden Side of the Mamasapano Tragedy” last 24 February.

Speaker Dr. Francisco “Pancho” Lara argued that a nuanced assessment of the Mamasapano tragedy involves a closer look at “shadow economies” and its pernicious (as well as non-pernicious) aspects. He further explained that proposed solutions to the conflict in Mindanao will have to be cognizant of shadow economies as coping mechanisms that sustain people’s livelihood, while admitting that some of these may resort to illicit means of income generation.

Dr. Lara is a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of the Philippines-Diliman and country director of International Alert.

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