Global Map of Sociologists for Social Inclusion (GMSSI)

Global Map of Sociologists for Social Inclusion (GMSSI)

The International Sociological Association (ISA) has undertaken the development of the “Global Map of Sociologists for Social Inclusion” (GMSSI) to create the global database of sociologists.

The GMSSI aims to identify, connect, and enable global collaborations in sociology, and support sociologists who encounter multiple barriers, economic and political, which impede participation in global exchanges.

GMSSI aims to increase the visibility of sociologists and their knowledge
production and also be an important resource for sustained interaction with
the media on a range of issues.

To participate, here are the following steps:

  1. Go to to know what the site is about to sign up
  2. After logging in, you will see your profile in GMSSI.  This includes your
    name, institutional affiliation, email address, etc.
  3. Add a brief bio and a few keywords pertinent to your areas of expertise
    or interest.  (Note that the GMSSI site is designed so that your email
    address will not be visible to the public; you will control who sees it).
  4. Add a research project, course you teach or policy report you have

Look for ISA conference presentations or journal articles by particular
people or on particular subjects. GMSSI runs on the same Confex
platform as ISA’s conference management system. Anyone who has
participated in recent ISA conferences can find their presentations
through GMSSI, and as more people use GMSSI they might discover
new opportunities for collaboration with other sociologists.

Try the email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing links.
If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please send it to We are keen to get your feedback and ways to improve
the system.

Looking forward to your participation and collaboration so that together we
build and share sociology across the globe.

Margaret Abraham
President, International Sociological Association

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