Taking Stock of the 2015 National Conference

Taking Stock of the 2015 National Conference

By: Dr. Sulpecia L. Ponce

In this short piece, Dr. Sulpecia L. Ponce, the Chairperson of the Sociology Department of MSU-IIT, reflects on their experience hosting the 2015 National Conference. 

Hosting the 2015 National PSS Conference has been an opportunity  to meet  local and international  intellectuals both in the discipline and other social science practitioners to discuss social issues that specifically  have bearings on  conflicts in different spaces. This year’s theme, “Sociology of Peace and Conflict: Contexts and Challenges”  brought into the fore the various  levels, dimensions and magnitude of conflicts involving  different actors.  The  papers  presented in different sessions exposed us to the theoretical, methodological and empirical facets  and nature of conflicts and venues for articulating  peace building initiatives and alternatives to peace despite the spheres of  divergence and contestations. Indeed, the experience was intellectually stimulating not only for the professionals but  also to the students in the field. In fact our  MSU-IIT Sociology students were deeply grateful and honored to have been part of this  professional gathering.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to the young and dynamic members of the PSS board through  our President,  Dr. Filomin “Ging” Gutierrez, who gave us the chance to host our  national conference this year. This  is also our opportunity to showcase the captivating tourist destinations of Iligan City and the rich cultural landscapes in this multi-ethnic spot of Mindanao. It has always been our goal to make the participants  feel the warmth of the Iliganons,  enjoy our breathtaking  tourist spots, savor the cultural richness of  Mindanao through the cultural night presentations while enjoying the exchange of intellectual discourses in the conference. We hope they all  brought home a very memorable experience  with us.

It has always been our pleasure meeting you and we look forward to  see you again in the PSS national conference next year.


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