The Countdown Begins for the 2015 PSS National Conference

The Countdown Begins for the 2015 PSS National Conference

The countdown begins for the 2015 PSS National Conference in Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). On 16-17 October 2015, paper presenters from the Philippines and overseas will examine the contexts and challenges of the sociology of peace and conflict.

Over 100 abstracts were submitted from more than 40 colleges, universities and organizations. This, in recent PSS history, has been the largest number of submissions for a national conference. This event is open to the public, provided that interested participants register on/before 30 September. (Click here to register)

Among the conference’s plenary speakers are Dr. Francisco Lara (Senior Lecturer of Sociology in UP Diliman and author of Insurgents, Clans, and States: Political Legitimacy and Resurgent Conflict in Muslim Mindanao) and Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer (Chairperson of the peace panel of the Government of the Philippines to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front).

For second year in a row, the PSS National Conference is hosted by the Mindanao State University. MSU-General Santos City was last year’s host, led by Dr. Mario J. Aguja. This year, MSU-IIT is hosting the conference, with Dr. Nimfa Bracamonte as lead convener.

MSU-IIT’s organizing team has been on top of the preparations to make the conference a meaningful one. “MSU-IIT is geographically situated in the context of war and conflict which has affected the islands of Mindanao for decades,” says MSU-IIT Assistant Professor of Sociology, Arnold Alamon. “It is the apt venue for timely scholarly discussions on the prospects and challenges of our journey towards the attainment of peace in the nation,” he continues.

Prof. Bracamonte explains that the “theme of the conference aligns with the vision, mission, and goals of the Mindanao State University” which is “to foster deep understanding and respect of diverse cultures. It is high time to explore meaningful and lasting solutions by allowing free discourse on options for peace.”

Lecturer of Sociology and conference organizer Septrin John Calamba adds “The participants should look forward to meet new ideas, discourses, and theoretical innovations of peace and conflict in the country, especially in Mindanao.”

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