A Sociology Movie?

A Sociology Movie?

In his latest article, Arnold Alamon reflects on the  challenges of producing a film with a sociologist as lead character. Part of the reason, he suggests is that most of the time,  “the actor would be chin-stroking while staring off into the void contemplating on the social events that have unfolded before him – that wouldn’t make for interesting cinema for most.”

But there remains a number of possibilities. “Imagine,” he says “that instead of car chases in movies, you can follow instead the exciting intellectual run-around of pursuing ideas.”

Alamon concludes the piece with a promising tone. He challenges sociologists to “soldier on with this shared passion” and “maintain their commitment to its humanistic ideals today.” This, he suggests, ensures that “movies and novels of the society of the future will have a prominent place for a sociologist played by the Ryan Gosling of tomorrow.”

Read the full article here.

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