Our Piece For Peace

Our Piece For Peace

By:  Nikka Bierneza Nadon

Last month, our class took part in the National Peace Consciousness Month, which aims to promote peace, harmony and solidarity in our community and the world. We are second year sociology undergraduates of the Mindanao State University-General Santos City studying Philippine Contemporary Issues with Dr. Mario J. Aguja.

We wrote our messages of hope in white sheets of paper, took photos and shared these images in our social media accounts. In a constantly-changing world where conflicts continue to emerge and remain unresolved, we consider this task a simple but an important one. We expressed our commitment to serve as catalysts of change and call for greater social awareness on issues of peace and conflict and what can be done by focusing on our very own local context.

We would like to, in our small efforts by taking photos and making origami cranes, promote universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for every human being. Regardless of our different backgrounds and circumstances, we are all people inhabiting the same physical social world, and therefore, affecting each other’s lives. The extent to which we can accept one another will determine whether we can coexist in peace, whether we can bridge the gaps and differences that separate us.


Knowing that the struggle for peace is real and that the world has become so complex, it is tempting to think that individuals can change the world. Our class taught us that the truth could not be farther from this impression.  For only when individuals take total responsibility to take care of others, find within the power of good and live in peace with their neighbors and environment, then and only then will forces be set in motion that will eventually bring about sustainable peace.

And in this age that flaunts globalization and the advance of technology, we would like everyone to bear witness with us, through the use of social media, the possibilities for piece. By sharing this message of peace, hope and love to our friends, families, classmates, neighbors, colleagues and everyone out there who cares to listen, we hope that we serve to inspire others in committing our present and future endeavors for peace.

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