Sociologists Shine at UP Diliman’s Social Science Graduate Conference

Sociologists Shine at UP Diliman’s Social Science Graduate Conference

UP Diliman’s College of Social Sciences and Philosophy held its first graduate students conference last 28 February. Among the well-attended panels are paper presentations from sociology students studying queer theory, deviance, and sociological theory. Sociology Department chair Dr. Filomin Candaliza-Gutierrez congratulated the paper presenters for their “hard, conscientious and indefatigable work.” PSS Treasurer Dr. Manuel Sapitula is one of the event’s main organizers.

This event gave an opportunity for graduate students in the College to present their current research projects and exchange ideas among students from various disciplines in the social sciences. The graduate students of the Department of Sociology presented interesting and relevant research projects initiating very fruitful academic conversations within their respective panel sessions. The following are the papers presented by Sociology graduate students:

From Conflicts to Consensus: Negotiations and Accommodations in Quezon City Jail by Hannah Glipmse Cruz Nario

Playing the Game: Reform Politicians in the Field of Cebuano Traditional Politics by Phoebe Sanchez

Income Sources and Spending Patterns among Households Led by Aged 60 and Over Elderly by Hannah Glimpse Cruz Nario, Ella Eeazar, Rae Emmanuel Echaveria and  Elliot Grieco

Four Hundred Years of Natural Disaster: The Morphological Adaptation in the Walled City by Kristine Gail Cabang Lobo

Rethinking Capitalism and Commodification: The Condition of Transsexual Women in the Philippines by Patricia Angela Luzano Enriquez

Capital, Capitalism, Post-Capitalism: Three Perspectives of Marxian Contradiction by Elliot Taylor Grieco

The Sociology of Transgender Space: A Discourse Analysis Applying Judith Butler’s Gender Performativity on Transgender Woman Space using Female Public Comfort Rooms by Daniel X. Bernardo

Dude, Halata ka ba?: Filipino Discreet Gay Men’s Identity Construction and Gender Performances in Cyberspace by Michael Eduard Layco Labayandoy

Death of Malate and the Rise of Cubao: A Theoretical Analysis of the Dynamics of Gay Spaces in the Urban Areas by Rae Emmanuel Ecahveria

Gaze in the Dark: Sexual Discourses and Practices in Gay Bathhouses by John Andrew G. Evangelista

Owning Watchdog: Political Economy of Philippine Broadcast Media in the Digital Age by Ricky Rosales

Technology as a Social System: A Systems Theoretical Conceptualization by Erwin Francisco Rafael

Strong State but Weak Performance: State-Owned Enterprises in the Philippine Commonwealth, 1953-1941 by Elliot Taylor Grieco

Metrosexuality: A Practice of Freedom? By Patricia Angela Luzano Enriquez

The Globalization and Glocalizatiion of African Football in the Philippines: A Qualitative Inquiry on African Footballers in the United Football League (UFL) by Satwinder Singh Rehal

The variety of the papers graduate students of Sociology presented shows the breadth and depth of the fields of sociological inquiries. These papers initiated relevant exchange of ideas, comments and arguments within their respective panel sessions. The mix of different scholars from various social science disciplines in the audience made the discussions in each session more interesting. Sociology graduate students, presenters or members of the panel audience, engaged in multi-disciplinary conversations with scholars from the other social science disciplines during the open discussion in each panel session. In these conversations, sociology students were able to articulate the unique contributions of sociological inquiries to the understanding of the social life.

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